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Brooks Heritage Vanguard New Retro Running Shoes Men's Sneakers Size 9 110166-1D-611

Brooks Heritage Vanguard New Retro Running Shoes Men's Sneakers Size 9 110166-1D-611

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The Brooks Vanguard reissue sneakers pay tribute to the iconic late 1970s design, transcending their running origins to become a staple in retro lifestyle fashion. Originally crafted for performance, these sneakers boast a timeless appeal with their vintage silhouette and classic detailing. Blending heritage aesthetics with modern comfort, the Vanguard reissue exudes nostalgic charm while effortlessly complementing today's casual, everyday style. Brooks' commitment to quality shines through in these sneakers, offering a fusion of retro allure and contemporary comfort, making them a must-have for those seeking a touch of vintage-inspired flair in their wardrobe.

Product Details

  • Brand: Brooks Heritage
  • Shoe Model: Vanguard
  • Model Number: 110166-1D-611
  • Colors: Red / White
  • Size: US Men's 9, 42.5 EUR, 8 UK
  • Condition: New with box

Please note: While the sneakers themselves are fresh and untouched, we want to be transparent about the possibility of shelf wear on the shoe box. Due to storage and handling in various environments, some shoe boxes may exhibit signs of minor wear such as slight scuffs, marks, creases, or dents. Please note that these imperfections are solely related to the box and do not in any way impact the quality or condition of the sneakers inside. Please refer to Brooks' footwear sizing chart for sizing details and see our FAQ page. Please message with any questions before ordering. All sales are final.


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